Service Requests

This Help File Page was last Modified on 01/10/2014

Service Requests

This Help File Page was last Modified on 01/10/2014

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Service Requests

This Help File Page was last Modified on 01/10/2014

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Taking Requests for Service (creating a Work Order) is an integral part of your Service Department's - and perhaps the entire office's - daily routine.


Note: Within these Help Files, the terms "Work Order" and "Service Request" mean the same thing and so either may be used to reference a record of (or the printed document stating) what task(s) are to be performed at a Subscriber's premises - whether requested by the Subscribers themselves, or created by the system as part of an automatic Work Order (i.e., Service Request) creation process.


The Service Tracking System offers three ways to create a Work Order:
1.On the Main Menu Select Maintenance, Choose the Service Tracking Items sub-menu, then Click Quick Work Order.
2.On the Service Tracking Menu Click Quick WO.
3.On the Subscribers Form's Service Quick Access menu, Click Service Request (which is the method described below).


Service Notes (Internal) tab at the bottom of the Service Request Form - If internal service related comments have been entered in the Service Notes (Internal Only) sub-tab on the Service Information tab on the Subscribers Form, these comments are displayed automatically when a User attempts to create a Service Request.
These are Comments that would be useful to Users interacting with this Subscriber.
These special - internal use only - comments are only displayed on this special the Service Notes (Internal) sub-tab when a Service Request Form is opened, and only if they have been entered in the Service Notes (Internal Only) sub-tab on the Service Information tab of the Subscribers Form.
These - internal use only - comments are not printed on a Work Order.


The Lock/Unlock Panel Pin is initially set facing down which is the Locked Position.
Once this important information is reviewed, Click this Pin to Unlock the Service Notes (Internal) Panel.



This section may be reopened by Clicking the Service Notes (Internal) option.


Service Request Form - Invoiced and Completed


This Service Request Form may be used to create Work Orders for one of several different purposes, identified by assigning the appropriate Work Order Type to the Service Request Form:



Work Order Types


1.Standard Work Order - The most common Work Order Type that is used to specify the service related work that is to be performed at a Subscriber's premises.
2.Fire Alarm Test - When this Work Order Type is selected, it creates a specific Work Order Format that is designed to facilitate a system wide Fire Alarm Testing procedure.
3.Fire Extinguisher Inspection -  When this Work Order Type is selected, it provides a specific Work Order Formatted to perform a Fire Extinguisher Inspection procedure.
4.Installation Order - When this Work Order Type is selected and the Installation List tab is properly populated, it enables the User to create a specific Work Order Format designed to identify all of the Inventory Components required for a new (or add-on) type of installation.


The Service Request Form (the default version is shown below) provides these processes:
1.Work Order Entry, including identification of the Skills required and an Installation List of the Inventory required,
2.Scheduling for, and tracking of the Status of Technician(s), and Printing a copy of the Work Order,
3.Completing the Work Order including recording Labor Hours and Costs, and the Inventory and Materials that were used.


Accessing the Service Request Form:
Open the Subscribers Form and use F2, the Subscriber Search function, to locate the required Subscriber record.
Click the Service Quick Access menu
Select the Service Request Icon.
The most recently entered Service Request will be displayed in the default Edit View tab (if there were any previously entered Work Orders).


Service Request Form - Defaults


Note: Service Notes (Internal) tab - If an Internal Service Note has been entered in the Service Information tab of the Subscribers Form:



This tab will be activated and framed in Red (as illustrated above).


You may retrieve a different existing Work Order by Choosing the Table View tab to locate and Click on the desired Work Order Number.


Service Request Form - Table View tab


There are four sub-tabs below the Edit View tab at the top of the Service Request Form
1.Service Request - (the default) - This is where you enter the information required to activate a new Work Order. (see example below).



Service Request tab on the Service Request Form


2.Service Request Detail - Direct updates are received from Technician Status Form entries.
As the Technician Status changes for this Service Request, the previously completed Status is inserted automatically.



Click the Update Icon to get their most up-to-the-minute Status.


Service Request Detail tab on the Service Request Form


This Service Request Details tab allows the User to build a chronological record of Technician's Time that is spent on this Service Request.
The Current Technician's Status should be assigned through the Tech Status Form.
If not using the Tech Status Form, each Technician's Time maybe directly recorded on this Service Request using this Service Request Details tab.
Additional Comments as needed - regardless of the source of the entry may be added as appropriate.


3.Required Technician Skills - Allows you to enter the Technician Skills needed to properly complete this Work Order.



 Service Request - Required Technician Skills tab


Use the Drop-Down Selection List provided, to add the Technician Skill Resource needed.
oAny number of required Resources may be defined.
oIf you have already assigned a Technician to the Service Request, and that Technician does not have the selected Employee Skill, you will be prompted with a message to either continue with the assigned Technician, or to abandon the entry.


oEither change the required Skill, or change the Lead Technician.
Any Technician may be assigned to a Work Order subsequently, as needed.
Only the Technician assigned first (the Lead Technician) needs to have all of the Skills defined here.


4.Installation List - The Installation List tab allows the Service Department to itemize the Inventory that will be required to perform an installation or major upgrade/addition.
An Installation List may be created for any Work Order, regardless of the assigned Work Order Type.
An Installation List may be created by using the Order Inventory option, and when that Purchase Order is created, indicate that those Inventory Items are to be added to the Installation List.


Installation List tab on the Service Request Form


What's Next?
Start a New Service Request - See the Starting a New Service Request chapter for detailed information.
Enter the Service Request - See the Entering a Service Request chapter for detailed information.
Verify Skills - Assure that the Lead Technician has the necessary Tech Skills by using the Technician Skills tab
Using the Schedule Button - See Using the Schedule Button for information on how to assign a Technician to, and Schedule a Service Request.
Track the Technician's Time - See Service Request Detail tab for important information about tracking your Technician's Time.


Special Icons on the Service Request Form:

The three sets of Special Icons on the top of the Service Request Form are listed below along with the purpose of the Icons in each set.
Each purpose and use for these Icons are explained in the Special Icons on the Service Request Form chapter:


HelpFilesServiceRequestSpecialIcons-Navigation     HelpFilesServiceRequestSpecialIcons-WorkOrderOptions HelpFilesServiceRequestSpecialIcons-Payment

   Special Icons and Options on the Service Request Form

Navigation related Icons:
1.Move from record to record manually (Beginning, Previous, Next, Last)
2.Add, Modify, Save and/or Delete a Service Request (Work Order)
3.Search for a specific Work Order record
4.Refresh the currently displayed Work Order data.


Work Order Options:
1.Print a Work Order
2.Print a Service History
3.Schedule a Work Order using the available Technician Scheduling Form.
4.Chain a previously entered Service Request with new Work Order
5.Order Inventory for a new, or existing Work Order using the available Purchase Order Form


Payment related Icons:
1.Show the Total Balance Due for this Work Order
2.Get Paid for the Total Balance Due by E-Payment.