Inventory\Material section

This Help File Page was last Modified on 07/01/2013

Inventory\Material section

This Help File Page was last Modified on 07/01/2013

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Inventory\Material section

This Help File Page was last Modified on 07/01/2013

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Inventory\Materials tab - This Inventory\Materials option is used identify the various expenses incurred while servicing this Work Order when the Technician(s) complete the repair, installation, or inspection requested on the Work Order.
Note 1: For Inventory Tracking & Job Costing System Users - If this Service Request's Inventory\Materials entry identifies Inventory Item(s) used to complete a Job Task, this information is automatically inserted in the Inventory Used sub-tab of the Inventory tab on the Job Costing Form.
Note 2: Also see the "Using the Packages Icon" section below.



To record the Inventory Items installed, and/or the Material costs consumed to accomplish this work, Click the Inventory\Materials option:



The Lock/Unlock Panel Pin is initially set facing down which is the Locked Position.
When the required information is entered and saved, Click this Pin to Unlock the Inventory\Materials Panel.



Service Request Form - Inventory\Materials tab

Click Add ("+")
Item - Use the Drop-Down Selection List to Choose the Inventory Item or Material cost (defined as a Sale-Purchase Item) for this charge to the Work Order.
Description - The Description created, for the Sale-Purchase Item selected above, will be inserted.
This default description may be modified, if needed, for improved clarity.
Qty - Enter the Quantity used (the default value is 1 but may be changed as required, with up to two decimal places permitted such as 1.25).
Cost - The Cost will be inserted automatically.
This "Cost" is actually based on the Retail Price entered for the selected Sale-Purchase Item.
Therefore this "Cost" is what will be billed to the Subscriber.
This Retail Price may be modified, if appropriate.
Net - The result of the Quantity (Qty) multiplied by the Retail Price (Cost).
When the Service Request is Invoiced (using the Invoice button on the Completion section), this Net amount is the amount that gets billed to the Subscriber.
Tech - By default, this is the Lead Technician assigned to the current Service Request.
A Tech must be assigned to each Inventory\Material record that is entered.
Use the Drop-Down Selection List provided to Choose a different Technician, if appropriate, when Multiple Technicians were assigned to this Work Order.
Warehouse - If any Sale-Purchase Item entered here was defined as an Inventory Item, the Default Warehouse will be inserted.
Use the Drop-Down Selection List to Choose the Warehouse from which this Inventory Item was actually taken, if it was not that Default Warehouse.
Commission to - A Salesperson may also be identified on the Inventory\Material record of a Service Request.
If assigning a Salesperson to an Inventory\Material record, only those Employees whose Employee Type is identified as either Sales or All will be available (in the Drop-Down Selection List list) for populating the Commission to field.
Save ("ü") this Inventory\Materials charge.
If this Inventory entry creates a Negative On Hand Quantity for the selected Inventory Item, a Negative Inventory Warning message will be displayed.


Warning - Negative Inventory


Click the Yes or No button, as appropriate.
This Pop-Up Negative Inventory Warning will be displayed when an Inventory item is added to an Invoice and the addition of that Inventory item results in a Negative On Hand Quantity value for that Inventory item, but only if the ConfirmNegativeInventory option in the Company Settings Form is set to True ("T").
Repeat these Inventory\Materials tab steps, as needed.
Note: Once this Work Order is Invoiced (using the Invoice button on the Completion section), modifications to these entries can no longer be made.


Using the Packages Icon:
Proposal Packages provide an efficient way to quickly and accurately insert a previously defined set of Inventory Items into the Inventory\Materials tab of the Service Request Form


Search Proposal Packages dialog


Click the Packages Icon to open the Search Proposal Packages dialog.
Select the desired Proposal Package.
Click the OK übutton to Close the Search Proposal Packages dialog.




The contents of the Selected Proposal Package will be inserted into the Inventory\Materials list.