Starting a New Service Request

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/17/2013

Starting a New Service Request

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/17/2013

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Starting a New Service Request

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/17/2013

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Starting a Service Request:
Open the Subscribers Form and use F2, the Subscriber Search function, to locate the appropriate Subscriber.
Click the Service Quick Access menu.



Service Quick Access Menu


Select the Service Request Icon.


If the Subscriber has a pending Work Order, a Balance that is Past Due and/or is out of Warranty (or has a Contract that has expired), a warning message will be displayed before the Service Request Form is opened.
When opening a Service Request Form, these Warning Messages are displayed except if the only open (unfinished) Service Requests were created automatically using the Auto Service feature.


   Are you sure you want to enter Service Request?


This functionality is established in the Company Settings option "IncludeAutoServiceWO" - by default set to False ("F") - to eliminate those Warning Messages when the only open (unfinished) Service Requests were those that were created automatically using the Auto Service feature.
Setting this "IncludeAutoServiceWO" option in Company Settings to True ("T") will turn on Warning Messages (if appropriate) regardless of the origin or type of any existing Service Requests.
There are three sections below which will explain the appropriate action step(s) that should be taken for each of these issues:
1)Existing Service Request(s) Warning
2)Subscriber Contract has Expired
3)Unpaid, Past Due Balance Warning


Once you have addressed the Warnings outlined above and displayed in the designated sections below, Click Add ("+") on the Service Request Form to start the new Work Order entry.
Note: See Authorizing a Work Order if an Authorize Transaction dialog is displayed.


Authorize Transaction


Otherwise, the current User may proceed with the Work Order entry.


Existing Service Request(s) Warning
Answer Cancel.
On the Service Request Form, Click the Table View tab and locate any Work Orders that have no date entered in the Date Serviced column.
Click on each one, then Click the Edit View tab.
Determine if this request is similar, or in any way linked, to the other open Service Request(s).
If so, Chain the new Service Request to the existing Service Request entry (see the "Create a New Service Request Chained from This One" section below).


Subscriber Contract has Expired
This message is referencing any Contract between your Company and this Subscriber - generally for providing various types of Monitoring Services - which has been assigned a specific Expiration Date that has now passed without a renewal.
These Contract Types are not the same as those that are specifically defined as Service Contracts.
When this warning is presented, follow you Company's Policy which may include:
Denial of service until a new contract is executed,
Sending the Technician out but with a renewal contract in hand,
Simply reminding the Account that their renewal date has passed, or
Any other action step(s) deemed appropriate by the Service and/or the Central Station Manager.
Once this Subscriber has been cleared for service, Enter the Service Request.


Unpaid, Past Due Balance Warning
If the Subscriber has a Past Due Balance a message will be displayed:
Answer Cancel.
Click the Accounting Information tab on the Subscribers Form.
Verify that they are eligible for service because:
The Past Due balance is OK because of special circumstances.
They have made a promise to pay that was noted on the Comments tab.
They are still an active Account.
Or, if unsure, consider transferring the call from this Subscriber to the Accounts Receivable Department.
Company Policy may dictate that you refer them immediately to your Accounts Receivable Department.
This whole process should take less than half a minute.
Once they have been cleared for service, Enter the Service Request.


Create a New Service Request Chained from This One - If you have decided to connect the new Service Request with the previously entered Service Request:
Click the Chain Icon at the top of that Service Request Form.




Answer Yes and a new Service Request Form will be created with the existing Work Order information already included.
Modify this new Work Order information to include the additional service(s) requested by the Subscriber.
Follow the normal , Enter the Service Request. process thereafter.
Also see Special Icons on the Service Request Form for additional information.


What's Next?
Enter the Service Request - See the Entering a Service Request chapter for detailed information.
Verify Skills - Assure that the Lead Technician has the necessary Tech Skills by using the Technician Skills tab
Using the Schedule Button - See Using the Schedule Button for information on how to assign a Technician and Schedule the Service Request:
Track the Technician's Time - See Service Request Detail tab for important information about tracking your Technician's Time.