Personal tab

This Help File Page was last Modified on 07/02/2013

Personal tab

This Help File Page was last Modified on 07/02/2013

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Personal tab

This Help File Page was last Modified on 07/02/2013

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To enter an Employee record, select Maintenance from the Main Menu and choose Employee.



Blank Employee Form - Personal Tab


Click the New (/) Icon on the Navigation Menu to indicate that you want to add a new record to the Employee table.
Fields highlighted in yellow are mandatory.
The record can not be saved unless the mandatory information is entered.
Although the yellow highlighted fields constitute a valid record, it is recommended that you complete the Personal information Tab at a minimum.
Code - Enter a Code - think of it as their Employee Identification Code - to represent this Employee.
Up to four alpha characters plus dashes, underlines and spaces are allowed.
Typically, you should use their initials.  Do Not Use Numbers in the Employee Code.
If a duplicate would result, add another character at the end (ABC, ABCZ, ABCY, ABCX, ETC.).
Type - Using the Drop-Down Selection List provided, select a Type classification.
Administration - for key staff such as those Employees responsible for accounting operations, are a job manager, and/or perform other management level functions
All - for Employees who may be involved in any/all phases of the business
Operator - for Employees who primarily perform Central Station Monitoring functions
Sales - for Employees who are classified as Salespersons.
Technician - for Employees who are Service Technicians.
Job Manager? - Check this box if the Employee has been assigned the Type classification of All or Administration, and is an individual who may be assigned the duties of a Job Manager within the Inventory Tracking & Job Costing System,
The Lead Technician assigned to Service Requests in the Service Tracking System is identified as such by being the first Technician assigned to that Work Order.
However, the Lead Technician is not a Job Manager,
Therefore, a Technician Employee Type may not be identified as a Job Manager in the Inventory Tracking & Job Costing System,
A Job Manager must be assigned a Type of either All or Administration.
Employees should only be identified as a Job Manager if they actually Manage a Job in the Inventory Tracking & Job Costing System,
Employee Address - Enter the Name and Address of this Employee.



Employee Form - Employee Address


Name - Enter the Name of the Employee
Street - Enter the home address of the Employee
City, State, Zip - Enter as appropriate.
Begins - Using the Drop-Down Date Selection Box provided, Choose the Date of Hire.
Note: This is the absolute minimum amount of information that may be entered to establish an Employee record.
Ends - Caution - The Ends field is not to be completed until the Employee is terminated or quits.
Entering an Ends date automatically removes the Login access for that terminated Employee.
To reinstate an Employee who previously had an Ends date entered, you must reenter the Employee's User Name and Password in Add/Delete Users.
Click the HelpFilesNavigationMenuSaveIcon on the Navigation Menu to save the record, or Click Cancel ("X") to cancel the entry.


Complete the remaining fields on the Personal tab.
Once you've saved an Employee record with the minimal information outlined above, you'll notice a lot of empty white space - all of which is labeled for additional information.
Certain fields are Secured Fields and can only be accessed by Users that have Access Rights to Encrypted Data Edit/Entry fields.
SSN - Click the Ellipse HelpFilesEllipseButton button and enter the Social Security Number for this Employee.



Employee - SSN information


DOB - Click the Ellipse HelpFilesEllipseButton button and enter the Date of Birth of this Employee.



Employee - Birthdate


Complete as much, or as little, of this information as may be necessary, based on the duties and responsibilities of this Employee.




Phone - Enter the Home Telephone Number of this Employee.
Cell - Enter the Cell Phone Number of this Employee.
E-Mail - Enter the E-Mail Address for this Employee.
If using the Commissions Tracking System and this Employee is eligible to receive Commissions:
Note: Only those Employees whose Employee Type (see Type above) is either Sales, Technician, or All is Commission Eligible and only of they are assigned a "Dollar" Value to each of these fields.
Commission Base Rate - Enter the minimum "Dollar" Value of the Commission that this Employee will earned for each Commission Eligible Sale.
Commission Point Rate - Enter the "Dollar" Value of each Commission Point they may "Bank".


Pager Information fields (explained below).
Pager Information - These fields are used with the Paging capabilities provided in the Communications Module



Page Information for Communication Module users


Service - Click the Drop-Down Selection List provided, choose the appropriate paging Service Provider.
Unit - Enter the Pager Unit number assigned to their Pager.
Click the HelpFilesNavigationMenuSaveIcon to record the edit.



Employee Form - Personal tab - Sample entry


Return to this Form at any time and Add to or Edit the information whenever necessary.
Use the Search Icon (or Press F2) to retrieve the Employee record that needs to be updated.
Then, simply enter the required changes.
Click the HelpFilesNavigationMenuSaveIcon to to record the revisions or Click Cancel ("X") to cancel the edit


See the Security Tab which is used to establish the basic Access Rights for the Employee.


If the MKSASP - Automated System Action Plans Service is in use:
Create a fictitious Employee (as shown below) to be used to Login to the MKSASP application, and for identifying the Operator of record when posting the executed Action Steps in the Subscriber's Alarm History file (an example of which is shown below).


Employee Form - Automated System Action Plan Employee


Only the Mandatory fields need to be completed.
The Employee's Code is used to identify the "Operator" who performed the Automated System Action Plan Action Steps as the information is stored in the Subscriber's Alarm History file.



Alarm History detail - showing Automated System assigned Employee Code