Installed Equipment Codes

This Help File Page was last Modified on 05/28/2013

Installed Equipment Codes

This Help File Page was last Modified on 05/28/2013

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Installed Equipment Codes

This Help File Page was last Modified on 05/28/2013

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As each Subscriber's Installed Equipment information is identified (see the Installed Equipment illustration below and its related chapter), for consistency and clarity, use these predefined Installed Equipment Codes to identify the components installed in their system.
By doing so, everyone will identify a like part or installed component with the same name.
Not doing predefined Installed Equipment Codes will mean that ambiguous and confusing information about the systems will be viewed, discussed and written by the Technicians when describing an installation, a service repair, or a diagnose of a problem (whether on paper, in person, or on the screen).


Installed Equipment Form uses Installed Equipment Codes


Entering Installed Equipment Codes information:
To enter these Installed Equipment Codes, from the Main Menu, Select the Maintenance menu and Choose Installed Equipment Codes.


Installed Equipment Codes Form


This Installed Equipment Codes Form may be Re-sized by Dragging the Top and/or Bottom up or down, and/or the Right side in or out.
Navigation Menu - The Navigation Menu is located at the top of the Installed Equipment Codes Form.




This Navigation Menu provides the normal Record Movement, New, Edit, Delete, Cancel, Save, and Refresh options; as well as special Documents, Print and Search functions.


Record Editing section - The details of the currently selected record are displayed below the Navigation Menu at the center (Main Body) of the Installed Equipment Codes Form.


Table View tab - A tabular (spreadsheet style) Table View of the currently defined Installed Equipment Code records is accessible by Clicking the Table View tab at the bottom of the Installed Equipment Codes Form.



To display a specific Installed Equipment Code record in the Record Editing section, Click on that record within the Table View section, or use the Search Icon (see the "Using the Special Functions" section later in this chapter).
This Table View information may be Pinned in Place by Clicking the Pin Icon on the right.


HelpFilesInstalledEquipment CodesTableView

Installed Equipment Codes Form - with Table View tab Pinned Open


You may Un-Pin this Table View by Clicking the Pin Icon again.
Click on any listed record to display that information in the center (Main Body) of the Form.
There are four columns of data normally displayed in this Installed Equipment Codes Record Listing:
1)Part Code - The Code (a very brief abbreviation) used to identify the type of Equipment described next.
2)Description - The actual explanation for the Installed Equipment Code.
3)INSTRUCTIONS - The Edit Rich Text instruction information.
4)Panel - If the Panel? box is Checked this is True ("T"), otherwise it is False ("F").
Each column's Header Name describes the data contained in that column.
Clicking on a Header Name will set the order in which the Installed Equipment Codes will be listed.
Clicking on the same Header Name will set the order in the opposite direction (ascending vs. descending).



The Header Name that is determining the Order of the list will have an Icon indicating the Order displayed next to that Header Name.
To define the Installed Equipment Codes:
Click the HelpFilesNavigationMenuNewIcon to start the Installed Equipment Code entry in the Record Editing section.
Equip. Code - Enter an Equipment Code (a very brief abbreviation) for the Equipment type to be described.
The code may be 1 to 40 characters in length.
Letters are automatically capitalized,
Numbers are OK.
Normal punctuation (including the Space) is OK.
Panel? - Check this box if this Installed Equipment Code record represents a Control Panel.
Installed Equipment Codes designated as Panels are used to identify the (Control Panel) Part of each CSID defined in the Subscriber Panel(s) section of the Central Station Data Form.
Description - Enter a description of this Installed Equipment Code.
The Description may be up to 70 characters in length.
Use numbers, letters (upper or lower case), spaces, and/or normal punctuation marks.
Instructions - Enter any information that would help a Technician install, or an Operator to later troubleshoot, this device.
This is where the instructions for how to Disarm a Control Panel, Bypass a Zone, and other helpful information - particularly for complex devices - should be provided.
In the Subscriber Panels section of the Central Station Data Form, the Subscriber's CSID(s) are defined and a Part code (Installed Equipment Code) representing the Control Panel is entered.
These Instructions when associated with their Control Panel (see "Panel?" above) are available to the Operator within MKMSCS by Clicking the Panel Icon on the Sub Info (F2) Form.
Double-Click this field to open an Edit Rich Text dialog.
Click the HelpFilesNavigationMenuSaveIcon to record this entry.
Any number of additional Installed Equipment Code records may be defined.


Using the Special Functions on the Navigation Menu at the top of the Installed Equipment Codes Form:
Print - Click the Print Icon to View and/or Print a list of the Installed Equipment Code.



Yes - Click the Yes button to View a copy of the report.


No - Click the No button to open the Windows® Print dialog where a copy of the report may be sent to a selected Printer, or Printed to a File.


Cancel - Click the Cancel button to close this Print question and return to the Form


Search - Click the Search Icon to retrieve an existing Installed Equipment Code record by using the Equipment Search dialog shown below.


Installed Equipment Codes - Equipment Search dialog


Using the Drop-Down Selection List provided, Choose the Search By method (Part Code or Description).
Enter a few characters in the Search Value field to locate the desired code (as characters are typed, an incremental search is performed).
Once the Installed Equipment Code record is found, Click on the desired record.
Click the OK button to Close the Equipment Search dialog and return to the Installed Equipment Code Form.
View or modify the Installed Equipment Code record, as needed.


Documents - A Documents Icon on the Navigation Menu is provided to link a file to a selected Installed Equipment Code record.
Graphics (please save scanned images as JPG files)
PDF files
Native formats like Web Site Links and Windows compatible Help Files
Text Files such as the text files (.txt) format saved by Windows © Word Pad