Generate Invoices

This Help File Page was last Modified on 08/22/2013

Generate Invoices

This Help File Page was last Modified on 08/22/2013

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Generate Invoices

This Help File Page was last Modified on 08/22/2013

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Generating Invoices for all Completed and Reviewed Service Requests (Work Orders) may be done within the Work Order Completion/Review Form.
The Details of a selected Work Order will be displayed within the three tabs located immediately below the Work Order Listing.
1.Work Order - Shows basic information, time and charges for the currently selected Work Order record within the Work Order list.
2.Labor - Allows for the entry of the time and charges for each Technician who worked on this Service Request.
3.Inventory\Materials - Allows for the entry of Inventory Items and miscellaneous Materials expenses required to service this Work Order.
As each Work Order is reviewed, fill in the information on each of the Work Order, Labor and Inventory\Materials tabs, as needed.
Invoice? - Check the Invoice? box on the Work Order Listing for each Work Order that should be billed.
All of the Completed and Reviewed Work Orders marked for billing may be Invoiced in one batch process.


Generate Invoices - To create Invoices for all Work Orders that were marked for billing (have a Check in the Invoice? box), Click the Generate Invoices Icon on the Work Order Completion/Review Form.



Generate Invoices button on the Work Order Completion/Review Form


Note: If you want to create a No Charge Invoice, be sure to re-set the Price to $0.00 in all cost related fields.
oThen, a No Charge Invoice can be sent to the Subscriber noting what was done, that they were not being charged, and why they were not charged (e.g., Warranty Repair, Extended Service Agreement coverage, a Friend).
oIn this manner Inventory Usage may be accounted for, the Labor cost of the Technician's Pay Rate may be tracked (by using a Technician Pay Rate that has an Internal cost defined, but a $0.00 Bill Rate for Invoicing purposes), and the Work Order processing procedure can still be "finished" .


Confirm that the Invoice Date that was entered when initially opening the Work Order Completion/Review Form is the one to be used for all the Invoices that will be generated in this batch by answering Yes to the Invoice Generation message.



Sale Date Confirmation message


Answering No will return you to the Work Order Completion/Review Form where the Invoice Date may be reset, if needed.
Confirm by Clicking Yes that you want to Delete the Appointments associated with the Work Orders that are about to be Invoiced, or Click No to preserve those Appointments.



  Appointment Deletion Confirmation message


A list of each Invoice Number and the Subscriber that was Invoiced will be displayed when the Generate Invoices process is completed.


All Invoices created for Work Orders are displayed in the Invoiced box


Invoice Number - These are the Invoice numbers created during this process.
Click on any Invoice Number to view that specific Invoice Form.
Subscriber - The Names of the Subscriber(s) for whom these Invoices were created.
Two new tabs will be available:
1.Exceptions - Click the Exceptions button to see a list of  (any) Work Orders that were marked to be Invoiced, but the system was not able to do so.



2.Home - Click the Home button to return to the regular Work Order Invoicing/Review Form.
All Work Orders that have been successfully Invoiced will have been removed from the Work Order Listing.
Temporary Invoices and Exceptions buttons are made available to review what you have completed during the current session.



Once the Work Order Completion/Review Form is closed, thus terminating the current session, the Invoices and Exceptions buttons will not be displayed again until you have re-opened the Form and successfully Generated additional Invoices.



Click the Home Icon to return to the standard Work Order Invoicing/Review Form.