Scheduling Multiple Appointments for a Work Order

This Help File Page was last Modified on 09/10/2012

Scheduling Multiple Appointments for a Work Order

This Help File Page was last Modified on 09/10/2012

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Scheduling Multiple Appointments for a Work Order

This Help File Page was last Modified on 09/10/2012

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Scheduling Multiple Technicians for the same Service Request using the Appointment Editor:
It is not unusual to need more than one Technician to complete a Service Request - whether for a complete system installation or a complex repair.
To accommodate this need, any number of Technicians may be Scheduled to service the same Work Order.
Note: Setting the TechMultiSchedule option to True ("T") in the Company Settings dialog will allow Multiple Technicians to be assigned to the same Service Request. If TechMultiSchedule is set to 'F' (the default setting), the User will not see the Schedules tab (see the mouse pointer in the illustration below) on the New Appointment Form.


Scheduling Multiple Technicians from within the Appointment Editor:
To add an additional Technician to the current Appointment:
Once you have saved the first Appointment for the Service Request, Click the Schedules tab.



 Schedules tab on the Appointment Editor Form


Note: If a Technician Group has been Selected on the Technician Scheduling Form, the list of Available Technicians will be limited to the Members of that Technician Group.
Group - You may Select a different Technician Group to change the individuals in the Available Technicians list.
Check the additional Technician(s) to be assigned to this Work Order Appointment.
Schedule - Click the Schedule button to verify the availability of the selected Technician(s).
Click the Close T button to return to the Technician Scheduling Form.



Example of Multiple Technicians scheduled for the same Work Order


Effectively using the Multiple Technician Scheduling feature:
If the newly selected Technician(s) schedule(s) are among the currently listed Technician Schedules, the additional Appointments will be shown.
oIf not, open the Visible Schedules Form.
oCheck those additional Technician(s) that were just added to the Appointment so they will also be listed.
Each Appointment created with the Schedules tab may be managed on its own.
oYou may lengthen or shorten the time frame of each - independently of the others - as needed.
You may also view these Appointments within the Scheduling tab on the Service Request Form.


Scheduling Multiple Technicians using the Technicians Scheduling Form.
To add an additional Technician to an existing scheduled Work Order, use the method described above, or open the Technicians Scheduling Form.
Ensure that the Schedule for the desired additional Technician is being displayed.
Using the Calendar field's Drop-Down Date Selection Box on the Schedule Date Menu:
Select the Schedule Date of the Work Order.
Select (Click on) the Time Slot that matches the previously set Appointment for the Work Order that needs another Technician assigned.
Click New on the Technicians Scheduling Form to create a New Appointment for the Work Order Number that has already been assigned its Lead Technician.
Click the Drop-Down Selection List on the right of the Work Order field's Question Mark ? HelpFilesAppointmentEditorOpenWorkOrdersSelector
Click the Down-Arrow next to the Question Mark ? HelpFilesAppointmentEditorOpenWorkOrdersSelectorand ensure that the Work Order field is set for Open Work Orders so any Service Request - whether Scheduled or not - is available in the actual Work Order field's Drop-Down Selection List .



Work Order - Select the Work Order Number that was previously Scheduled and to which the additional Technician is to be assigned.



Complete the Appointment entry as needed.
Click the Save < Icon.
Close x the Technicians Scheduling Form, and Click the Refresh Icon on the Appointments Menu to update the data set for the Technicians Scheduling Form.
Optionally, to confirm these multiple Technician assignments on the Service Request Form:
Select an Appointment (for any Technician that has been assigned to the Work Order).




Right-Click on that Appointment and Choose the Go To Work Order option.
Select the Scheduling tab on the Service Request Form.



Scheduling tab on Service request Form with multiple Technicians shown


Click the Refresh button to Confirm that this additional Technician was successfully Scheduled.