Invoices Listing

This Help File Page was last Modified on 09/12/2013

Invoices Listing

This Help File Page was last Modified on 09/12/2013

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Invoices Listing

This Help File Page was last Modified on 09/12/2013

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Those using the Accounts Receivable System frequently need to quickly view all, or a specific set of the Sales made to a selected Subscriber.
Ideally the basic Invoice information, the detail line items of those Invoices, the ability to print a list - all with the ability to make a selection based on Dates, Paid or Unpaid status - would be required to make this Invoice Listing really be User Friendly.
Of course, this Invoice Listing provides these features.
Also, if the selected Subscriber is the Bill Payer for other Accounts, all of the Sales Invoices for these Service Only Accounts will be included.
On the Subscribers Form's Receivables Quick Access Menu, Select the Invoices option to access the Invoice Listing Form, an example of which is shown below.


Invoice Listing Form


Each Column on the Invoice Listing Form may be relocated by using the Windows® Drag & Drop operation on the Header Name.
The Columns that are displayed may be chosen by using the Visible Fields Icon (see Item #4 in the "Working with the Actions button Icons" section below).
The Invoices that are listed are determined by using the Filter and Search choices explained below.


Understanding the Filter and Search choices:
Filter - The Invoice Listing Form offers a set of selection criteria that allow the User to Choose which Invoices they want to examine.



Which Invoices - Use the Drop-Down Selection List to Choose whether to view: All Invoices (the default), just Paid Invoices, or just Unpaid Invoices.
Date Range - By default, the Date Range offered will be from the first date, up until the last date, of any Invoice recorded for this Subscriber but you can use the Drop-Down Date Selection Boxes provided to reset this Date Range, as needed.
Refresh - When the viewing options are changed, Click the Refresh button to update the Invoice Listing based on the new selection criteria.
Search - You may also locate a specific Invoice, or a group of Invoices, in the Invoice Listing based on the content of the field names listed below:



Search By - Use the Drop-Down Selection List to Choose the field on which you want to execute the search.



Search - Enter the characters required to identify - based on the Search By method selected - the Invoice record you want to locate.
The record pointer4will indicate which line has been identified as the Invoice you are attempting to locate.
Expand - Click the Expand HelpFilesDrillDownBox box to open the Invoice Detail Information dialog.



Invoice Detail Information box on the Invoice Listing Form


The Status Bar at the bottom of the Invoice Listing Form displays information related to the currently selected Invoice.


Working with the Actions button Icons:
Actions - There are three action buttons on the Invoice Listing Form:



    Invoice Listing - Action Icons


1.Print - Click the Print button to View and/or Print this Invoice Listing Report.



Answer Yes to view the report with the option to print it, or No to go directly to the Print dialog.


Invoice Listing by Subscriber - Print Preview


2.Export - Click the down arrow on the Export button to Select the file format for the data that is to be exported.



3.Invoice - Click the Invoice button to open the Sales Form for the Invoice that is currently Selected .


Invoice Form displayed for a selected Invoice when the Invoice button is Clicked


4.Visible Fields - Click this Icon to display the Select Fields Drop-Down Check Boxes Listing Of Fields then Check which Fields should be Visible (columns of data that will be displayed).



Select Fields - Drop-Down Check Boxes List

The "blank" line at the top of the Select Fields list is the choice for including the Expand HelpFilesDrillDownBoxbox which is used to open the Invoice Detail Information dialog
By default, all Field Names will be Checked.
Un-Check any Field Name(s) which are not required.
Click the Save button to finish the selection.