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All Events

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All Events

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What is happening in the Central Station?
This MKS All Events application provides a "running commentary" of the Alarm Activity being received in your Central Station.
Unlike the All Events Report which requires that the reported data is within a specified Date Range, this All Events utility displays a list of Alarm Signals and Events that is continuously updated when each new Alarm Signal or Event is received - in real time.


The MKS All Events program is located at C:\Program Files\MKS\MKMS\ and is named MKSAllEvents.exe.
Note: Although the application may be on your C: drive, it may instead have been installed on a File Server Drive.

If connected to a Network, ask your System Administrator for the proper drive location of the application.

As recommended in Getting Started, create a shortcut for this application and place it in your MKMS folder on your Desktop for quick access later.




Running the MKS All Events application:
Double-Click the All Events Icon to open the MKS All Events dialog.
No login is required to access this application.
The All Events dialog will be displayed immediately showing a continuously updated listing of the Alarm Activity being received in your Central Station.



All Events display


Show Lines - Check this box to overlay data grid lines on the data to make it easier to read.