Update Forms Table

Update Forms Table

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Update Forms Table

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Updating the Forms Table.
The Forms.txt file includes the most current list of Form Names which are used to establish your Employee Groups and individual User Access Rights.
The Forms.txt file is installed at C:\Program Files\MKS\MKMS\ and updates for it are included with any major upgrade for the MKMS application.
Note: Although the file may be on your C: drive, it may instead have been installed on a File Server Drive.

If connected to a Network, ask your System Administrator for the proper drive location of the file.


Installing these new Form Names:
To install any new Form Names that may be available due to the installation of an Upgrade, on the Main Menu Select Maintenance and Choose Update Forms Table.
If any new forms are available, they will be installed automatically.
A message will display the number of new forms that were imported.




If additional Form Names were installed (that will not always be the case), go to the Employee Groups and individual User Access Rights Form.
Review those Employee Groups to see if any of the new Form Names should be added to one or more of the existing Groups.
Do the same for the individual User Access Rights information.